Adobe’s wide range of multimedia and creativity applications has been the primary choice of the majority for the past several years. The most popular Adobe applications include Photoshop for photo editing and manipulation, Premiere Pro for editing videos, Illustrator to create vector graphics, Adobe Flash, etc. The Adobe suite contains more than 50 applications and has proven to be a one-stop solution for all creative minds with availability on both, macOS and Windows (a few of them are also available on mobile platforms), along with effortless integration between all the programs in the family. As of 2017, there were more than 12 million active Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. The number would be much higher if it wasn’t for application piracy. 

corrupt system /service files, issues with Adobe updater files, etc. are the likely culprits for the error. 

In this article, we have explained multiple methods to resolve the ‘Adobe software you are using is not genuine’ error and to get you back to creating a masterpiece.

4 Ways to Fix Adobe Software You Are Using Is Not Genuine Error

. So if you received your copy from a third-party website, chances are, it is pirated. Contact the reseller for more info. 

If the Adobe application is genuine, users can try deleting the two likely culprit services, Adobe Genuine Software Integrity service, and Adobe Updater Startup Utility service, along with their executable files. Finally, if nothing works, users will need to re-install the faulty Adobe application altogether.

Method 1: Terminate the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

As mentioned earlier, Adobe programs include the Genuine Software Integrity service which regularly checks the authenticity of the programs. Terminating all instances of the said service from the Task Manager will allow you to bypass the checkups and run the Adobe application without encountering the error. You can take this a step forward and also delete the folder containing the executable file of the Genuine Software Integrity process. 

to open the application. 

to expand the Task Manager.

process (If the processes are sorted alphabetically, the required process will be the very first one under Background Processes).

) or leave the Explorer window open in the background.

button at the bottom-right corner.

the computer and check if the issue continues to prevail.

Method 2: Delete Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Process and the AdobeGCIClient folder

error for most users although if it didn’t work for you, try deleting the service and the folder using an elevated Command Prompt window with administrative privileges. This method ensures the complete removal of the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity process. 

from the right panel. Click on Yes in the User Account Control pop-up that arrives.

and press enter to execute.

’. Head down the mentioned path, select the folder, and press the delete key.

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Method 3: Delete AAMUpdater service

error. To fix it, simply delete the service files and also remove them from the Task Scheduler application. 

Delete the UWA folder.



in the Start Menu and hit enter to open.

on it.

option under the Selected item. Confirm any pop-ups that may arrive.

Method 4: Reinstall the Adobe Software

Ultimately, if the Genuine Integrity service and the Updater Utility aren’t at fault, then it must be the application itself. The only workaround now is to remove the installed copy and replace it with a new, bug-free version. To uninstall the Adobe program:

press enter to open the application.



to confirm your action. 


error won’t appear anymore. 


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error. Let us know if there are any more solutions we missed out on and which one worked for you. Also, always purchase the official versions of the applications to support the developers and reap all the (security and feature) benefits without having to worry about fraud that can be carried out through pirated software copies.