or desktop. In this case, YouTube does not provide you the feature to loop videos on your mobile device. Therefore, in this guide, we will list several ways via which you can play YouTube videos on loop.

How to Loop YouTube Videos on Mobile or Desktop

When you loop a video on YouTube, then the platform plays that specific video on loop and does not move on to the next video in the queue. There are times when you want to listen to one particular song on loop, and that is why it is essential to know how you can easily loop a YouTube video on your mobile or desktop. 

2 Ways to Play YouTube Videos on Loop on Mobile or Desktop


Method 1: Use the Playlist Feature to Loop YouTube Videos on Mobile

One easy method if you want to loop YouTube videos is to create a playlist and add only the video that you wish to play on loop. Then you can easily play your playlist on repeat.

YouTube app on your mobile device. 

2. Search for the video that you wish to play on a loop and click on the three vertical dots beside the video. 

3. Now, choose ‘Save to Playlist.’ 

4. Create a new playlist by naming it whatever you like. We are naming the playlist as ‘loop.’

5. Head to your playlist and tap on the play button at the top.

6. Tap on the down arrow and select the loop icon. 

as the video that you added to the playlist will play on a loop until you manually stop it.

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Method 2: Use a third-party Application to Loop YouTube Videos on Desktop

Several third-party applications work with YouTube to allow you to loop YouTube videos. Some of the apps that you can install are TubeLooper, Music, and listen on repeat, etc. You can easily find all the videos that are available on YouTube on these apps. They work pretty great and can be an alternative if you wish to loop YouTube videos on mobile. 

If you are watching videos on your desktop or laptop and want to loop a specific video, you may follow these steps:

YouTube on your web browser. 

2. Search and play the video that you wish to play on loop.

3. Once the video starts playing, make a right-click on the video.

4. Finally, select ‘loop‘ from the given options. This will play the video on repeat. 

Watching YouTube videos on a loop is pretty easy when watching it on your desktop or laptop, unlike the mobile App. 


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