Are you trying to figure out how to play video in the loop on Android or Android.

How to Play Video in Loop on Android or iOS

There are times when a song or a particular video clip gets stuck in your mind, and you may want to listen or watch it on repeat. In this case, a video loop feature comes in handy as it allows you to watch any video on repeat. However, the question is how to loop a video on Android or iOS devices. 

How can I play videos continuously on Android?

You can easily play videos on loop or continuously on your Android device by installing third-party apps such as MX Player or the VLC media player.

3 Ways to Loop a Video on Android or iOS

We are mentioning the specific apps that you can install on your device in order to easily loop a video on Android or iOS.

Method 1: Use MX player

Follow these steps for using the MX player to play your videos on loop:

MX player on your device. 

2. Launch the app and play any random video or song. 

3. Tap on the Song that is playing.

4. Now, tap on the loop icon at the bottom right of the screen. 

5. Tap once to choose the ‘Loop Single’ option, and you can double-tap the loop icon to select the ‘Loop All’ option. 

This way, you can easily play video in a loop on an Android phone. If you don’t want to install the MX player, then you can check out the next app.

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Method 2: Use VLC Media Player

Alternatively, you can also install a VLC media player if you want to play videos on loop on your Android phone or iOS device. VLC media player allows you to easily play your videos on loop. Follow these steps for using this app to play videos on loop:

VLC for Android .’

2. Launch the app and play any random video or song. 

3. Tap on the video that is playing from the bottom of the screen. 

4. Finally, tap on the Loop icon from the bottom of the screen to play the video or song on loop

to play videos in the loop on an iPhone.

Method 3: Use Vloop App (iOS)

Loop is an app for iPhone users as it allows you to loop single or multiple videos easily. This app is officially called ‘CWG’s video loop presenter and is available on the Apple store. Since iOS does not support or offer you any feature to loop your videos indefinitely, Vloop is an amazing option.

Apple store on your device. 

2. Launch the application and add the video file that you wish to loop.

3. Tap on the video that you just added in the Vloop then tap on the “Loop Video” option.

4. Finally, the app will automatically play the video on loop for you.


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