We have come up with some ways that you can follow to record slow-motion videos on your Android device easily. 

How slow-motion Videos work?

When you record a slow-motion video on your phone, the camera records the video at a higher frame rate and plays it at a slower rate. This way, the actions in the Video are slowed down, and you can see every picture in the video in slow motion.

How to Record Slow-motion Videos on any Android Phone?

We are listing some third-party apps that you can use for recording slow-motion videos on your Android phone. However, if your Android phone supports a slow-motion feature, then follow the first method:

Method 1: Use the In-Built Slow-mo Feature

This method is for Android users who have the in-built slow-mo feature on their device.

1. Open the default Camera app on your device. 

2. Find the Slow Motion option in the default Video camera option.

3. Tap on it and start recording the video by keeping your phone steady.

4. Finally, stop the recording, and the video will play in slow-motion. 

However, not every Android phone support this in-built feature. If you don’t have an in-built feature, then you may follow the next method.

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Method 2: Use Third-Party Apps

We are listing down some best third-party apps that you can use to record slow-motion videos on any Android phone:

a) Slow-Motion Video FX 

is ‘Slow-motion Video FX.’ This is a pretty fantastic app as it not only lets you record videos in slow motion, but you can also convert your existing videos into slow-motion videos. Interesting right? Well, you can follow these steps for using this application on your device:

Slow-motion Video FX on your device. 

2. Launch the app on your device and tap on the ‘START SLOW MOTION‘ option from the screen. 

3. You will see two options on your screen, where you can select ‘Record movie‘ for recording a slow-motion Video or tap on ‘Choose movie‘ to select an existing video from your gallery. 

4. After recording or selecting an existing video, you can easily set the slow-motion speed from the bottom bar. The speed range is from 0.25 to 4.0

5. Finally, tap on ‘Save‘ at the top-right corner of the screen to save the video in your gallery. 

b) Videoshop Video Editor

Another app popular for its amazing features is the ‘Video shop-Video editor’ app that is available on the Google play store. This app has more to it than just the slow-motion feature. You can easily trim videos, add songs, create animations, and even record voice-overs. Videoshop is an all-in-one solution for recording and editing your videos. Moreover, this app’s fascinating feature is you can select the part of the video and play that specific part in slow motion.

Videoshop-Video editor ‘ on your device. 

2. Open the app and select the preferred option if you want to record a video or use an existing video from your phone. 

3. Now, swipe the bar at the bottom to the left and select the ‘SPEED‘ option. 

4. You can easily apply the slow-motion effect by sliding the speed toggle below 1.0x

5. If you want to apply the slow-mo effect to a specific part of the video, select the video section by dragging the yellow sticks and setting the slow-mo speed by using the slider. 

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c) Slow-Motion Video Maker

This app offers you a slow-motion playback speed of 0.25x and o.5x. This app provides you to record a slow-motion video on the spot, or you can use your existing video to edit it in slow motion. Moreover, you also get a reverse video mode that you can use to make your videos enjoyable. Follow these steps for using this application on your device:

Slow-motion Video Maker ‘ on your phone. 

2. Launch the app and tap on ‘Slow-motion Video.’ 

3. Select the video that you wish to edit in slow motion. 

4. Now, drag the speed slider from the bottom and set the slow-mo speed for the video. 

5. Finally, tap on the tick icon at the top right corner of the screen to save the video

d) Video Speed

This app offers the users a convenient yet straightforward interface where you can easily record Slow-motion Videos or use existing videos to convert them into Slow-motion Videos. You can easily use video playback speed as low as 0.25x and a higher speed of 4x. Moreover, the app allows you to easily share your Slow-mo Video to social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. Follow these steps for using this application. 

Video Speed ‘ by Andro Tech mania. 

2. Launch the app on your device and tap on ‘Select Video‘ or ‘Camera‘ to record or use an existing Video. 

3. Now, set the speed by using the slider at the bottom. 

4. After setting the playback speed for your video, tap on the send icon at the top right corner of the screen to save the video on your device. 

5. Finally, you can easily share the video to different apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or more.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q1) How do you record a video in slow motion?

You can use the in-built slow-mo feature to record a video in slow motion if your phone supports it. However, if your device does not support any slow-motion feature, then you can use any of the third-party apps that we have listed in our guide above. 

Q2) Which apps are best for making a slow-motion video?

We have listed the top apps in our guide for making slow-motion videos. You can use the following apps:

  • Slow-motion Video FX
  • Videoshop-Video editor
  • Slow-motion Videomaker
  • Video speed

Q3) How do you get a slow-motion camera on Android?

Google camera or the apps that are listed in this article to record slow-motion videos on your Android phone. With the help of third-party apps, you can record videos on the app’s camera itself and change the playback speed for converting them into slow-motion videos.


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